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OPEN GALERIE, SEE Galerie, 2nd to 25th February 2023

Open Galerie is our first open source exhibition. we summon the past to give meaning to the present, we confront the flat to the volume, the monochrome to the polychrome to create a remarkable trans-generational and artistic alchemy. We allowed ourselves to be surprised and guided by the work of Michel DUPORT in a time loop in perpetual motion over 20 years, the unexpected and yet so legitimate homage of guillaume MOSCHINI to the Supports/surfaces movement, the silent poetry of uncompromising gestures by Emma GODEBSKA, the astonishing mineral hybridisation oc ceramics by Michal FARGO, the ghost images of Laetitia De CHOCQUEUSE and finally the photographic performance of Louise ROCARD.

With the artists : Laetitia de Chocqueuse, Michel Duport, Micha Fargo, Emma Godebska, Guillaume Moschini, Louise Rocard

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